5 Things to Consider As You Prepare to Paint

Painting your home is a big deal! It is putting your own stamp on your property and making that house feel like a home. We want to make sure you get it right the first time around so you are saved from the frustrations of repainting. 

5 Tips for Painting Prep

At this point you know the color scheme and general idea of what you want that room to look like, you might have even picked up some color swatches from your local handyman store and are about to make your decision or maybe you are stuck between a few different shades…

Tip 1: Buy Paint Samples & Test Things Out on Your Wall

If you’ve already chosen your paint color with full confidence – congratulations! You’re a step closer to getting your house remade. Now, to understand that amongst colors there are some nuances that go into determining the right color scheme. 

Go back to your local store and pick up a few small paint samples to paint in little swatches on your wall. This will allow you to see what the color will really look like in your space. Look at those swatches on the wall and multiple lightings as well so you can feel confident in your choice. You might even be surprised at which color you ultimately end up going with.

Tip 2: Have a Backup Color in Mind

Some colors can be really hard to get right. For example, yellow is such a fun, sunny, bright color and it often evokes a lot of happiness making it a great color to incorporate in your home (especially if you like a lot of colors). However, it is one of the hardest paint colors to get right. Often times just one shade off can make your room look more brown or orange, which is not the look when you want that clean fresh yellow. This is where extra testing can help you a lot, but even then you might find in your space, under your lights it still isn’t hitting the mark.

Having a backup color in mind for the space can help you re-adjust and keep moving forward with your paint color without getting too caught up in the “loss”.

Tip 3: View Your Samples in Different Light

We have already talked about this a little bit but viewing your wall samples at different times of the day and in different lighting can help you make a more informed decision on what color to move forward with. 

Different colors and tones emerge in paint when they have different lights hit them. If you have a big window that gets direct sunlight, that color is going to look much different than when you have your interior lights on our it is hit with indirect sunlight. Making sure you like the look in every light is the best way to ensure you will enjoy that color for years to come.

Tip 4: Don’t Discount Finishes

The finish on the paint will ultimately have an effect on the overall look. The extra reflection of light that comes from a more glossy paint finish will change the overall color and feel than it would if it were just matte. When you are looking to create your space those small details matter so consider the finish when looking at paint colors as well.

Tip 5: Life of Your Paint

If you have followed the above tips up to this point then you are certain in your paint color choice! This is something you look to enjoy for a long time and nothing beats that fresh paint look. To keep the paint looking great you want to think about the longevity of the paint. You don’t want it to lose the look, fade, scuff, or wear down over time. At least you want the minimal amount of wear. Consider how your paint quality and prep could impact the longevity of your paint. 

Start by properly prepping your walls for your paint job. Wash down the walls to remove any access dirt and dust to make sure you are working on a clean surface. Then use a primer to lay the base for your paint to build off of. A primer is a stronger sturdier paint that will allow you to more easily cover up the previous color and give your new paint a surface to hold onto better.

Choosing high-quality paint will help you reduce the required touch-ups and can even help with some fading caused by age and sunlight over time. When you don’t know where to start work with your local handyman store or call a professional exterior and interior painter to help you make the best choice for your home. 

Work with a professional today

As you can see, there’s more to paint than just choosing the right type of shade. It’s worth being picky, and although it might seem like a lot of work at first, it will be worth it in the end.

Ultimately the best way to get the best look and finish is by hiring a professional for all your home painting projects inside and out. They know the best brands and have the expertise to give you a beautiful finish that will last. 

To work with a professional on your next home painting project contact Catalyst. Email us at contact@catalystpainters.com or call us at (913) 549-9885 today!