Are Accent Walls a Temporary Trend or Here to Stay?

Accent walls are one way that people cheer up their homes, but is painting one wall a different color something you’ll regret in six months when it is out of trend? The last thing you want is to do research and spend money just to find out the trend is over and has moved on to something else.

Why Have an Accent Wall?

This trend isn’t going anywhere! It can be difficult to find ways to spice up rooms without spending lots of money on decorations, but accent walls are a great way to create the same effect without the added clutter. Accent walls also can give a pop of color to the room without it being too overdone. If you are interested in accent walls and want some artistic help, look into house painters in Lees Summit for interior painting assistance.

Picking the Right Wall is Important 

Picking the right room to add an accent wall can be stressful. Assess all the rooms in the house and pick one that could be livened up. Don’t stress if it has architectural differences, that can just be an added bonus to the accent wall! For example, the wall a fireplace is on is a great choice for the accent wall because it is already the focal point of the room! When it comes to picking the right wall in the room, don’t pick a wall with a lot of windows as your accent wall to prevent a bright light effect. Also, don’t pick the wall that is blocked by a ton of furniture or wall decoration, make sure the color and wall are visible when you walk in the room!

Bonus tip: You want your accent wall to always be the focus in the room. Two many focus areas create further confusion and visual clutter. For example, if you pick the bedroom or guest room to add an accent wall, try choosing the wall against the bed! If you choose a living room, the accent wall can be the wall with the mantel or where the television is hung!

How to Make the Room Look Cohesive

It is very important to pick the right color for the accent wall so that the whole room flows. If you are more into neutral tones, don’t hesitate to pick another neutral color for the accent wall. Make sure to keep the tones cohesive as well. For example, if three of the walls have a warm tone, make sure the accent wall also has warm tones. If you are concerned about picking the right color, feel free to reach out to us here at Catalyst Painting, we would be happy to help!

Bonus tip: Colors that go well together and could be used for accent walls are:

  • Navy blue & blush pink
  • Sage green & gray
  • Mint & tan
  • Powder blue & light gray
  • Yellow & brown

Be Creative with Your Accent Wall!

Creativity is key when it comes to adding an accent wall. The accent wall doesn’t have to be a solid color, it can be a pattern! You could even buy stencils to make the pattern unique and impressive. If you are feeling super creative, you can also think of even bigger and accent pieces in the house aside from just the walls. Other ideas to accent include doors, bookcases, door or window trims, or even the ceiling. This is your home, so make sure that you love it.

Bonus tips on interior painting: 

  1. Clean the wall with a damp (not dripping wet!) cloth prior to painting it to ensure a clean painting finish. 
  2. Use painter’s tape on the edges of the walls to prevent paint runs. Also use painter’s tape around any non-wall areas such as window frames, fireplaces, and door frames. 
  3. Feeling exhausted after painting the wall? To prevent more cleanup after painting, wrap the rollers in plastic so once you are done painting, you can dispose of the wrapping and call it a day!

Still Not Sold?

Adding an accent wall is a simple home improvement that can transform a boring room into a bold statement. Just this simple change can change the entire feel of the room. If you are someone who likes to change things frequently, accent walls are a lot easier to repaint than all four walls. This trend isn’t going anywhere and we can see why!