Accent walls are one way that people cheer up their homes, but is painting one wall a different color something you’ll regret in six months when it is out of trend? The last thing you want is to do research and spend money just to find out the trend is over and has moved on to something else. Why Have an Accent Wall? This trend isn’t going anywhere! It can be difficult to find ways
To paint, or not to paint? Picking a color for the outside of your home has never been harder with the vast amount of options regarding style or color. As more and more people look to invest in property and make a space “their home”, we see an added need to personalize your home to fit a homeowner’s specific style Not only does updating the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint
So what is primer, anyways? If you’re out of the loop, here’s the lowdown: primer is like an “undercoat” for a paint job. It’s an enhancer that exacerbates the strength, durability, and protection of the paint you’re going to apply over it. Primer can be used on both exterior and interior design.  Given that Catalyst Painting specializes in multiple types of painting services, we recommend you start with a primer if you’re going to take
White german smear on red brick
Are you tired of the same old look with your home? You should try German Smear! What’s German Smear you may ask? It’s a versatile style that is used for exterior painting as well as interior painting.  German Smear gives the look of exposed brick while having a whitewash finish to give it a vintage while also modern look.  Many older style homes are made from your typical red brick and homeowners are looking for
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Choosing the right paint for your home can make or break the vitality and longevity of your paint job. Use the wrong paint and you'll find yourself having to redo the entire project 2-3 years down the road. But choose correctly and you can have a premier and top-notch paint job that can last 10-15 years. So how do you know what type of paint to buy? Talk to an Expert This could go without
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