Deck the Halls and your Exterior: To Avoid Paint Damage to Your Home in the Winter

The holidays are coming up and with them come hot chocolate, merry songs, extra time with family & friends, and winter wonderlands. Everything may not be merry and bright though. That cold can cause serious problems with your home’s paint, both inside and out! 

Colder Weather Can Damage Your Home’s Paint Job

When you think of colder weather you might think of a variety of different things – fireplaces, comfy cozy clothes, holiday shopping, the Plaza lights, scraping driveways, freezing pipes, the list is endless of both things to look forward to and things to avoid, but something you might not have thought about is your home’s paint job and how those colder temperatures can impact your homes curb appeal. 

With the Winter Wonderland, comes a few things to avoid:

  • Access moisture on the house – with winter weather storms like hail, sleet, and snow comes additional moisture which can soak into the exterior paint job and cause the paint to peel, bubble, and crack.
  • Interior Activities trapping moisture – Everyday activities like washing clothes, showering, and cooking can create water vapor, like washing clothes or cooking. That vapor, combined with poor ventilation due to the cold, can soak into your home’s paint causing it to peel. 
  • Ice that causes paint chipping – Snow and icicles hanging from the gutter may look picture-perfect, but as those icicles get heavier they can break off and take the paint with them. Leaving small areas of the exterior of your home devoid of paint.

Minimize Paint Damage in the Colder Months

So what can homeowners do to minimize these issues? 

Proper Ventilation is Key. 

Proper Ventilation will help remove any problems caused by condensation. Ensure your kitchen, bathrooms, and clothes dryers properly vent to the outside of your home. 

Wait for Warmer Months before Painting

If you are considering painting your house as it gets colder, it is probably best to wait until the cold is over. Not only is it generally easier to apply the paint in the warmer months, but there are additional benefits to painting in the warmer weather like –

  • Paint color gets altered in different lighting and with the warmer months being generally sunnier you can see how the paint color might look different in direct sunlight.
  • Paint dries more evenly – the cold weather can dry the paint faster leaving less time for it to adhere to your home which can cause cracking and bubbling in the paint immediately. 
  • Easier setup and cleanup – For the best results, you want to powerwash the home and let the area dry before painting. In winter months this can be a much longer process with higher winds, freezing conditions, and more mud.

Check the Recommendations on the Paint Can

Check your paint for recommended temperatures. This temperature tells you when the best time to paint is. The standard minimum temperature if 50 degrees Fahrenheit so that means you should not attempt to apply it below that temperature. Some brands may have a different minimum and maximum so double check prior to purchasing and applying the paint. 

The reason that minimum temperature is suggested is because cold weather shortens the paint’s drying time. This makes it harder for the paint to stick to your exterior and can result in bubbling or cracking. If you leave the paint outside in the cold and it freezes, this will damage it and render it unusable. (That’s why it is always recommended that you store your paint indoors instead of in the garage.)

Colder Weather Can Also Create Frustrations with Your Home’s Paint Job

Make Your Home Look Dirty 

Snow can also make the exterior of your house look dirty and stained. This happens when snow stays on the house for long periods of time. The cold could also alter the tone of your exterior paint. Dark colors are prone to this and may turn white or have a frosted appearance. This is usually remedied once the cold weather passes but requires extensive power-washing and effort to return the exterior back to its normal appearance. 

More Frequent Maintenance

The cold weather can expedite the effects of low-quality paint much quicker than areas with consistently warm weather would. Low-quality paint will be more susceptible to the effects of the harsh winter cold. This type of paint could begin chipping and fading within 2-3 years. You are likely to spend much more in the long run with frequent applications than you would with 1 application of a premium quality paint that lasts for many years. The weather-resistant qualities of a nicer paint will keep your home looking beautiful and blemish-free even in the cold winters in Overland Park.

Consider the Effects of Winter When Choosing to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

When considering painting the exterior of your home there is a ton to consider – 

  • Color Choices 
  • Trends 
  • Curb Appeal 
  • HOA Restrictions 
  • Pricing
  • When to Paint Your Home 
  • How to Paint Your Home 
  • The type of paint to buy
  • If you should use a primer before painting

But don’t forget to consider the effects weather can have on your next exterior home project. Not just the effects of the initial paint job, but how the paint can be affected in 2 months and 2 years down the road.

Contact a Painting Expert in Overland Park

With so many different things to consider when painting your home, you might find that hiring a professional to help you is the best option. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you make a decision you will love.

Not only will hiring a professional painter ensure that you get lasting results but also can end up saving you money – both in the longevity of the paint job and in savings of the initial project. At Catalyst Painting, we have special agreements with a paint supplier so you know you get the most out of your money. 

So when it comes to choosing to update the exterior of your home, remember to take ALL weather into consideration before starting your project and work with an expert who can not only save you time but money. Invest in your property now and know that it will look great year-round for many years to come. Call the experts here at Catalyst Painting for your next exterior paint job.