Update Your Home with a German Smear: A Top Trend in Exterior & Interior Brick Painting

White german smear on red brick

Are you tired of the same old look with your home? You should try German Smear! What’s German Smear you may ask? It’s a versatile style that is used for exterior painting as well as interior painting.  German Smear gives the look of exposed brick while having a whitewash finish to give it a vintage while also modern look.  Many older style homes are made from your typical red brick and homeowners are looking for a new way to revamp their look.  One way for you to do this in a cost-efficient way is by using German Smear! At Catalyst Painting, they are looking to bring this stylish look to homes in Overland Park as well as other areas in the Kansas City Metro.   

Update Your Brick Home Exterior with a German Smear 

As previously mentioned, German Smear is a very versatile paint style that consists of painted brick.  When the paint is applied, the bricks are cleaned and coated with a layer of wet mortar. In this circumstance, the mortar takes the place of traditional paint and coats the house.  The mortar won’t adhere to the brick if it’s been previously painted, so a power wash might be necessary. This home painting technique will modify your home with the newest and hottest trends. 

Update your home and increase your curb appeal with an exterior painting job and see how a fresh coat of paint can give your brick home the facelift you wished for.  

Update Your Interior Brick Wall or Fireplace for a Fresh Modern Look

White German smear on an interior brick wall.

Once inside your home, the opportunities for interior painting are endless.  A great way to bring German Smear into your home is by painting your fireplace or other exposed brick inside the house. With modern styles lightening up the interior of homes, German Smear will tie the whole house together. Don’t stop at your walls when it comes to updating your home. Our interior painting expands far beyond that. Update all the surfaces of your home including your brick fireplace.

The Time is Now!

 Let’s face it! Home styles are evolving, and who wants to be caught in the past! If you are looking into having your house painted in Overland Park or other Kansas City Metro areas, contact Catalyst Painting to receive the highest quality paint services at an affordable price.